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Features of buying property in Egypt
There are not many countries in the world where vacationing and acquiring real estate for Russians are inexpensive, especially when you consider the distance factor - maybe somewhere far away…

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Switzerland: property taxes
Switzerland has long been synonymous with prosperity, neutrality and high prices - the country of chocolate, banks and watches has been attracting the attention of all countries of the world…

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Calabria Real Estate: Affordable Housing in Authentic Italy
The poet Gabriele d'Annunzio once called the promenade in the city of Reggio Calabria "the most beautiful kilometer of Italy" - and this phrase is largely relevant today, especially since…

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Poland: Europe’s active real estate market

The housing market in Poland today has become a “dark horse” against the background of other countries of Eastern Europe, which at first glance attract most of the attention of foreign buyers, but at the same time, demand for real estate in Poland continues to grow, attracting investors from all over the world.
Poland in recent years has become a major logistics center in Europe, thanks to which the country’s economy has developed rapidly. Many foreigners began to move to this country because of good living conditions, which are ensured by loyal laws, not the highest tax rates (one of the reasons why German entrepreneurs open their branches here), a fairly simple procedure for issuing residence permits and subsequent citizenship, which also makes it possible to obtain a mortgage. Continue reading

Paris areas: where to buy an apartment

Constantly rising housing prices in the French capital suggest that Paris is a classic that never goes out of style, so many buyers of foreign real estate always pay attention to local square meters.
The districts of Paris, as you know, are called districts, and each of them has its own history and buyers. If a person wants to buy an apartment and enjoy the classic Parisian life, go to the Flora cafe and drink coffee at the table where Sartre was sitting, then of course it’s worth buying in the 5th and 6th districts, where Americans and the British. This is the Paris that is familiar and loved from literature and cinema, where every street is saturated with history. Buyers from the Middle East prefer the Champs Elysees and the Golden Triangle, located between the 8th and 16th arrondissements, where there are many large apartments with an impressive area of ​​250 sq.m. Continue reading

Residence permit in Latvia: basic principles of obtaining

The Baltic States continue to be a popular region for Russian-speaking tourists and real estate buyers, where Latvia occupies a special place – less than ten years ago, obtaining a residence permit in this country issued upon purchase of real estate was especially popular, but the situation has undergone some changes.
In 2010, Latvia launched a national program for granting residence permits to foreigners in exchange for investment, when many Russians began to actively buy real estate in this country, receiving a local residence permit, which allows them to easily move around the EU countries, which the country joined in 2004 . Continue reading

Buying property in Turkey: new building and resale

The acquisition of real estate in Turkey today has become the most popular destination among Russians when it comes to investing in foreign square meters – while both new buildings and the secondary housing market are in demand.
Buying a home in the primary market
Buying property in Turkey at the construction stage today has become one of the most popular types of investments among foreign buyers – the price will be more affordable than if you invest in a finished object, and installment payment is longer. During construction, real estate in Turkey rises in price by 15-25%. After laying the foundation and building the frame, the developer submits an application to the cadastral office to divide the object into independent shares, that is, into apartments. As a rule, this happens when the property is 30-50% ready and after the developer receives TAPU for each apartment, he is ready to transfer the property to future owners. Continue reading

How to invest in foreign real estate with a budget of 100 thousand euros

Many of our clients are private individuals with a budget of several hundred thousand euros, who want to invest in real estate abroad. A quick study of the market may seem that this amount will not be enough for a good profitable property: after all, offers of high-quality commercial real estate in Europe usually start from 5 million euros, and small retail premises in popular locations are sold for 3-5 million.

Nevertheless, there are many investment products on the international market with an entry threshold of 100-500 thousand euros: from the purchase of micro-apartments, which bring about 5% of annual rental income, to club transactions in development projects (10-15% per annum). Continue reading

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Poland: Europe's active real estate market
The housing market in Poland today has become a "dark horse" against the background of other countries of Eastern Europe, which at first glance attract most of the attention of…


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