Real Estate Trends

Turkey Real Estate: Chronicle of Recent Years
Turkey today is in the top 3 countries where Russian buyers are acquiring residential real estate on a massive scale - after a short lull, the local housing market is…

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Housing in Ulcinj: original Montenegro
Traditionally, when buying property in Montenegro, the Budva Riviera, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Boko-Kotor Bay and the surroundings of Bar are considered - it is obvious that Ulcinj is almost not…

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Thessaloniki Real Estate: Local Market Trends
Today, the real estate market, both in Thessaloniki and throughout Greece, is actively gaining momentum: the current situation is radically different from that which was only a few years ago…

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Bulgaria. What to buy – an apartment in a new building or a resale?

Bulgaria traditionally occupies a leading position in the ranking of countries where Russian residents most often buy real estate; Affordable housing, Bulgarian understandable to the Russian ears, a clean and warm sea make your stay in this hospitable country especially pleasant.
In addition, the memory of the local people today still remembers the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78, when Shipka and Pleven were captured by the Russians, the Danube was victoriously forced, thanks to which Bulgaria regained its long-awaited state independence after five centuries under the rule of the Ottoman Empire.

Having rested for several seasons on the Bulgarian coast, the Russian begins to look closely at the local real estate market – over time, it comes to the understanding that it really makes sense to have a permanent summer house at the sea in such a comfortable country for a stay. And immediately faced with the burden of choice: to purchase an apartment in a new building or become the owner of a secondary housing? Continue reading

Province of Veneto: where and why is it worth buying property

Veneto is one of the richest and most popular regions of Italy, where not only local residents, but also foreigners seek to acquire real estate – that’s why the housing market has survived even during the crisis.
After the onset of 2008, the cost of Italian housing fell sharply, mainly due to the global financial crisis. According to the European Central Bank, real estate prices fell by about 17.5% (including inflation by 25.1%) from the 3rd quarter of 2008 to the 4th quarter of 2017.

However, now there are promising signals of a gradual recovery of the Italian real estate market in the near future – for example, in 2018 Italian real estate fell by only 0.4%, the number of transactions continues to grow steadily. At the same time, housing prices in cities are already starting to rise, while in rural areas they are still falling. Continue reading

Romania Real Estate Market Overview

Romania is a kind of terra incognita not only in the European real estate market, but also in the field of tourism – except for the Black Sea coast of Constanta, Dracula’s castle in Transylvania, Gypsies, Ceausescu regime and the legendary Negresco hotel in Nice, named after its Romanian founder, – little is known about this country.
Romania in 2007 became part of the European Union, but so far has not joined the Schengen countries. True, news feeds report that in order to enter the Schengen zone, the country needs to fulfill a number of EU requirements, and this issue will have to be resolved in the foreseeable future. A similar situation is now with Bulgaria and Croatia, where it is also necessary to make national visas for entry, however, if the passport has multiple “Schengen”, then all three countries can be visited without problems. Continue reading

Overview of Dalmatia and the region’s real estate market

Interest in Croatian real estate continues to remain high over the past years and even decades – the country is the owner of an area of ​​over 33,000 square kilometers and an impressive number of islands with more than 1000 items. The Dalmatia region and housing on its territory is considered one of the most attractive in the country.
As far back as the 4th century, the Roman emperor Diocletian, solemnly giving up power, secluded himself from society precisely in Dalmatia, which at that time was called Illyria. To the numerous calls of his comrades-in-arms to return to the reign of the empire, he answered: “If you saw how I managed to grow cabbage, you would not make me such suggestions.” The emperors in these parts have already caught a trace, but cabbage and other rich flora continue their rapid growth, attracting the next powerful people to this world who decided to live surrounded by the sea, islands, numerous oyster and fish farms and houses for every taste and color. Continue reading

Puglia: Region Property Market Overview

Puglia is a region whose real estate market is not so well known in the international arena, while it is the southern part of Italy, has a rich cultural heritage, magnificent vineyards and the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea.
The Puglia region occupies the entire “heel” and surrounding areas on the map of Italy and is a great place to relax in the lap of nature with a variety of resorts, endless sandy beaches. Events and attractions of Puglia attract tourists who want to spend their holidays unforgettably, combining the adoption of sun and sea baths with outdoor activities.

At the same time, among Italian property buyers, interest in Puglia is one of the highest – despite the exceptional landscape characteristics, relatively inexpensive housing can still be purchased here. Continue reading

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