Real Estate Trends

Buying property in Turkey: new building and resale
The acquisition of real estate in Turkey today has become the most popular destination among Russians when it comes to investing in foreign square meters - while both new buildings…

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Spanish and French Venice: Empuriabrava and Port Grimaud
The laurels of Venice haunt many cities of the world, however, today you can find your own boat or yacht in the historical palazzo, which you can reach not only…

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Overseas property insurance: is it necessary or not?
Obtaining insurance when acquiring real estate abroad has become a standard procedure today, but not all buyers understand the meaning of this action, in which cases it is necessary, but…

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Housing in Ulcinj: original Montenegro

Traditionally, when buying property in Montenegro, the Budva Riviera, Tivat, Herceg Novi, Boko-Kotor Bay and the surroundings of Bar are considered – it is obvious that Ulcinj is almost not paid attention to, although this city is also an interesting place to buy real estate.
If you look at the map, you can see that Ulcinj is the southernmost city of Montenegro, directly bordering Albania, therefore it is not surprising that among 10,000 inhabitants over 60% are Albanians, most of whom speak the Serbian language, which is spoken by all Montenegro

Buying property in UlcinjThe fact that the local surroundings are the most gentle part of Montenegro, which, as the name implies, almost all of it consists of high elevations, gives an exclusivity to this locality. There is no malicious production within a radius of 100 km from the city – this factor allows you to maintain a favorable environmental situation in the city. Continue reading

Особенности недвижимости на первой линии моря

The purchase of foreign real estate and the concept of “first line” very often go in one set – most of our compatriots want to become the owner of a home on a coastal foreign corner, because a “summer cottage at sea” is a long-term dream subject.
A tempting advertisement, offering a potential buyer of real estate on the first line, is not always associated with 100 percent reality, since the coastline is not infinite, moreover, the cost of those objects that are really located at the water’s edge can be so high that for many people such a purchase Real estate can only be a dream.

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How to legally rent an apartment in Spain

Spain is a country where the purchase of real estate by Russians and representatives of other countries has been consistently in demand for more than a decade in a row – in addition to acquiring a “summer residence” on the foreign sea, investment in local housing is well demanded in order to subsequently lease it.
As the European Union dictates more and more conditions in matters related to the purchase of real estate and its operation, more and more often homeowners in the countries that are part of the EU are thinking about the legal lease of their property. Due to the fact that in 2019 the number of Russian citizens who own real estate in Spain, after a short recession, again became one of the main buyers of local square meters. In 2018, sales to Russian citizens increased by 18% compared to the previous year – about 2,000 real estate properties were sold to our compatriots, and this year this growth trend continues. Continue reading

Real Estate Taxes in Austria: Buying, Selling, and Owning

For ten years in a row Vienna has been ranked first in the world ranking of the most comfortable cities for living, as a result of which the acquisition of housing by foreigners both in the Austrian capital and throughout the country is one of today’s trends. Along with the classic questions about the principles of buying local real estate, many want to know about the taxes in Austria that any homeowner will have to face.
One-time expenses
When buying real estate, the buyer primarily pays a tax on transfer of ownership in the amount of 3.5% of the cadastral value and 1.1% for registration in the cadastre. In addition, you will have to pay a lawyer in the amount of 1-3%, as well as the work of a realtor, whose fee is 3% of the purchase price, if the price of the object exceeds 48,448 euros. The broker’s fee rises in percentage terms to 4% if the property has a value of up to 36,336 euros. The agent receives a fixed fee of € 1,453, provided that the cost of housing is between the above intervals. Continue reading

Pool in a foreign house: luxury or necessity

The purchase of foreign real estate very often affects resort facilities located in warm regions, where offers often come in, including not only the house and associated areas, but also the pool.
The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to real estate with a pool is an association with prestige. In any case, the price of a house with a pool will be higher than for a similar object, but without this element. Also, the consumption of water and its heating, if necessary, will add an additional load to the monthly expenses. If the pool is not in the territory of the house or in a special separate building, then you should prepare for the fact that you will have to spend some amount of time to clean it or assign these duties to a specialist. Continue reading

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How to legally rent an apartment in Spain
Spain is a country where the purchase of real estate by Russians and representatives of other countries has been consistently in demand for more than a decade in a row…