Real Estate Trends

Overview of Dalmatia and the region's real estate market
Interest in Croatian real estate continues to remain high over the past years and even decades - the country is the owner of an area of ​​over 33,000 square kilometers…

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Poland: Europe's active real estate market
The housing market in Poland today has become a "dark horse" against the background of other countries of Eastern Europe, which at first glance attract most of the attention of…

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Calabria Real Estate: Affordable Housing in Authentic Italy
The poet Gabriele d'Annunzio once called the promenade in the city of Reggio Calabria "the most beautiful kilometer of Italy" - and this phrase is largely relevant today, especially since…

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Mahmutlar – a big trend in the real estate market

Turkey’s popularity from the point of view of a foreign home buyer is now more justified than ever – this is primarily due to the depreciation of the Turkish lira, which still inspires optimism for owners of dollars and euros. Moreover, most Russian-speaking buyers are most interested in buying a home in Mahmutlar.
According to the latest data from the portal, Turkey has become a leading country with an indicator of 15% of all requests from visitors, and real estate in the Alanya region attracts the attention of 72% of all interested in housing in Turkey. Moreover, portal users choose Mahmutlar in 53% of cases when it comes to real estate in Alanya. Thus, the total number of requests for the purchase of housing in Mahmutlar is 5.7% – this is an absolutely unprecedented indicator that clearly formulates the current agenda on the market for the purchase of foreign housing. Continue reading

Ras Al Khaimah: Resort Properties in the UAE

If we are talking about buying a home in the UAE, then most often we mean Dubai, although in this country there is Ras al-Khaimah – a very interesting region that has not yet gained world fame, but it has every chance of gaining it over time.
Ras al-Khaimah – the emirate, which is located in the north of the UAE, where about 300,000 people live. Half of them are foreigners, the number of which is increasing every year, since today about 60% of real estate buyers in Ras al-Khaimah are representatives of other states – India, Europe, CIS, USA, etc. An exception is the eponymous city-center of the emirate, where square meters are acquired mainly by local residents. Continue reading

Buying Property in Slovenia: A Simple Ticket to the European Union

Slovenia is a unique country that offers not only comfortable conditions for obtaining a residence permit, but also a real opportunity to become a citizen of the European Union without high costs, but for this it is necessary to fulfill a number of necessary requirements.
Slovenia has practically no competitors among other fears having similar conditions, precisely in the context of a high standard of living and a liberal attitude of state bodies when obtaining a residence permit, but it is important to understand that paperwork will not work if a foreigner submits documents as an individual. The main requirement is the creation of a company in Slovenia and an investment of at least 50,000 euros in its core business. Also considered is the option of confirming a monthly turnover of 10,000 euros for the 6 months preceding circulation. Continue reading

Danube Real Estate: City Overview

Housing near the water is in demand in almost any country – whether it is square meters near the sea or river embankments – in each option there will always be a large number of people wishing to settle somewhere nearby. The Danube today has become one of the most interesting rivers in terms of acquiring real estate on its banks.
The Danube is the most “international” river in Europe, inferior only to the Volga, which, by its geographical location, is completely Russian property. It is not surprising that most European cruises on the water surface of Europe pass along this river, which has a length of about 2860 km. The Danube flows through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine and Moldova, passing through such European capitals as Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade. Continue reading

Switzerland: property taxes

Switzerland has long been synonymous with prosperity, neutrality and high prices – the country of chocolate, banks and watches has been attracting the attention of all countries of the world for many years in a row, periodically inspiring many foreigners to buy housing in this country. Let’s try to deal with the local tax system, which you will have to face when buying, owning and selling real estate in Switzerland.
According to the Swiss Federal Law on the purchase of real estate by non-residents, the sale of real estate to foreigners is carried out on the basis of annual quotas issued for each tourist region. In some cases, these quotas are fully used during the year, as a result of which a foreign buyer has to wait for the next year or longer (in some cases up to two years) in order to obtain a purchase permit. This provision applies both to new construction projects and to property already owned by Swiss citizens or foreigners residing in that country. Non-residents who have received a quota may transfer it when reselling their property. Continue reading

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