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Puglia: Region Property Market Overview

Puglia is a region whose real estate market is not so well known in the international arena, while it is the southern part of Italy, has a rich cultural heritage, magnificent vineyards and the picturesque coast of the Adriatic Sea.
The Puglia region occupies the entire “heel” and surrounding areas on the map of Italy and is a great place to relax in the lap of nature with a variety of resorts, endless sandy beaches. Events and attractions of Puglia attract tourists who want to spend their holidays unforgettably, combining the adoption of sun and sea baths with outdoor activities.

At the same time, among Italian property buyers, interest in Puglia is one of the highest – despite the exceptional landscape characteristics, relatively inexpensive housing can still be purchased here. This is also known to foreign investors who have been deeply and deeply immersed in the Italian real estate world: such buyers can often observe the acquisition of properties in Puglia along with housing on Lake Comom and in Tuscany.

The area is washed by the Adriatic and Ionian Seas and has the longest coastline among the continental areas. Apulia firmly holds the leadership in the country in terms of winemaking, as well as in the collection of olives and the production of olive oil, 65% of the national production of flax and 22% of tobacco.

The most famous port city of Puglia is certainly Bari, where the relics of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker are stored, which pilgrims come from all over the world to honor. Bari is the second most important economic center of southern Italy after Naples. There is a large enough selection of real estate, among which you can find interesting objects.

For example, for 430,000 you can buy 4-room apartments of 110 square meters on the last seventh floor of a building with panoramic views of the city. For an amount of 500,000 or more, you can already count on buying a villa with its own garden in this famous city.

An Italian fairy-tale town 25 km from the sea, world famous for its trulli houses (small houses with a mandatory conical roof), which were included in the UNESCO list, since such historical buildings are not found anywhere else: Alberobello is the only city in the world in which entire quarters with trulls have been preserved. Narrow streets, small houses with round domed roofs annually attract many tourists who want to see the cultural Italian heritage.

It is interesting that you can become the owner of such a property today: the cost of a house with an area of ​​about 100 square meters starts at 250 00 euros. It is interesting that today you can buy real estate of such a unique shape not only in this village, but also in neighboring villages, where you can even find trulli houses for 100,000 euros.

This city, located on the Salentina Peninsula, is often called southern Florence for its rich Baroque monuments. In addition to the magnificent Italian architecture, the city is famous for its magnificent sandy beaches. Gallipoli beach is one of the most popular on the coast and is a multi-kilometer sandy bed of fine light sand washed by the turquoise sea. Here, relatively close to the sea, you can buy spacious apartments with 1-2 bedrooms for 200,000 euros.

A snow-white fortified city with sand of the same color on its beaches is located on the highest hill of the same name. The historical center, which has preserved the medieval structure intact, is a real labyrinth of streets, squares, narrow alleys, arches and elegant staircases twined with flowers. The dominant color of the houses here is bright white, interrupted occasionally by warmer tones of estates and churches, and the coastline extends for twenty kilometers.

A few kilometers from the city organized hospitable tourist villages of Marina di Ostuni, where, despite the well-developed infrastructure, thanks to special environmental authorities, the coast has retained its unspoiled beauty and cleanliness. In addition, the Torre Guacheto zone – a wide strip of land along the coast – is covered with water during the rainy season and thereby creates excellent conditions for the breeding of numerous birds, and in summer this place turns into a picturesque green meadow. A villa of approximately 100 sq.m in Ostuni and the surrounding area can be purchased for 200,000 euros and above.

In many villages of Puglia, villas for 6-8 bedrooms are sold for 650,000 euros and higher with an area reaching 500 square meters. There are also quite exclusive objects, for example, a villa-hotel with an area of ​​1100 sq.m, located on the territory of 42 000 sq.m with 21 bedrooms in the building, a banquet hall and just a 5-minute walk from the beach in Lecce.

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Puglia: Region Property Market Overview
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