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Buying Property in Slovenia: A Simple Ticket to the European Union

Slovenia is a unique country that offers not only comfortable conditions for obtaining a residence permit, but also a real opportunity to become a citizen of the European Union without high costs, but for this it is necessary to fulfill a number of necessary requirements.
Slovenia has practically no competitors among other fears having similar conditions, precisely in the context of a high standard of living and a liberal attitude of state bodies when obtaining a residence permit, but it is important to understand that paperwork will not work if a foreigner submits documents as an individual. The main requirement is the creation of a company in Slovenia and an investment of at least 50,000 euros in its core business. Also considered is the option of confirming a monthly turnover of 10,000 euros for the 6 months preceding circulation.

Buy real estate in Slovenia

When opening a legal entity in Slovenia, the director of the company has the right to submit documents for obtaining a residence permit in order to carry out work in his company. The procedure for obtaining a working residence permit takes a period of 4 months, however, there are cases when the process is faster within two months. The simplest form of legal education for a foreigner in Slovenia is recognized as a limited liability company.

Proceed to registration, perhaps on their own or ask for the qualified help of relevant specialists. At the legislative level, a number of measures are envisaged related to the registration of a company, including the entry of data on a legal entity in a single relevant register. As a rule, registration of a legal entity in Slovenia takes from 5 to 15 days. After passing through this procedure, you can apply for approval of employment and obtaining a residence permit.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit
When opening a company, it is necessary to deposit a charter capital of at least 7,500 euros into the company’s account and then invest the 50,000 euros already mentioned above. At the same time, an enterprise may consist of only one employee, but it is imperative that the company demonstrate its turnover – this factor is the most important condition for the subsequent extension of documents.

The first submission of documents takes place through the embassy in Russia, further renewal is carried out directly in Slovenia itself. To maintain legal status, there is no need to be present in Slovenia for more than 180 calendar days, therefore, work can be carried out while in Russia, but it is important to understand that in this case a foreigner does not have the right to work while in another country where there are no immigration documents.

From residence permit to citizenship
First, a residence permit is issued to a foreign citizen for a period of 1 year, then this period must be extended for five years. If during this period a foreigner has not violated anything, he can count on and submit a corresponding application for permanent residence (there is no need to take an exam for knowledge of the language), and after 8-10 years, obtain Slovenian citizenship. That is, in total it is necessary to have a legal and continuous status of stay in Slovenia for 10 years, not to have any debts to the state, as well as gross violations of the law, confirmed by a court decision. Therefore, a prerequisite for adult citizens to carry out the procedure is to have a certificate of no criminal record.

Family reunification
Any foreigner with a residence permit has the right to obtain a residence permit for members of his family, whom, according to the law of the country where he came from, he is obliged to support (children, parents, legal spouses). A family reunion can be issued only after a year of having a residence permit or later. Family members can receive permanent residence after 2 years, provided that the family member for which they receive a residence permit already has permanent residence or citizenship. Family members are also entitled to insurance and social benefits for a working family member.

The cost of obtaining a residence permit depends on the rates of a particular agency and the status of a law office, but the amount usually varies from 1,500 to 2,000 euros per person. For family reunification, the usual payment for 1 person is about 500-1000 euros. It is also possible to calculate upon the provision of the service according to the amount of time spent on the basis of the provided report.

For the stable operation of the company, a good investment may be the purchase of a commercial facility with an anchor tenant. This will allow you to receive a stable income of five years or more, while the passive activity of the company will be supported, which can also be trading, manufacturing, consulting, etc. The amount required to cover the minimum monthly minimum is about 1,500 euros, of which about 700 euros are returned to the director of the company (i.e. the owner) in the form of a salary. This amount also includes the costs of accounting services and a legal address.

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