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Особенности недвижимости на первой линии моря

The purchase of foreign real estate and the concept of “first line” very often go in one set – most of our compatriots want to become the owner of a home on a coastal foreign corner, because a “summer cottage at sea” is a long-term dream subject.
A tempting advertisement, offering a potential buyer of real estate on the first line, is not always associated with 100 percent reality, since the coastline is not infinite, moreover, the cost of those objects that are really located at the water’s edge can be so high that for many people such a purchase Real estate can only be a dream.

Therefore, it is very important to deal with this attractive concept and what advantages and disadvantages can be expected by becoming the owner of housing on the first line. People buying property on the sea – especially when it comes to the first purchase of this kind – should clearly recognize a number of several important aspects.

What is the first line?
The real first line is, first of all, the object itself, and already behind it is the coastal part. If there is a road between the house and the beach, then this is not the first line, although in ads most often the slogan is the wording using this phrase. Obviously, this is done primarily to attract attention and increase the cost of housing.

The obvious advantage of real estate on the first line of the sea is the possibility of constant bathing, which is not overshadowed by a number of problems “where to put things so that no one takes them”, “where we will have lunch”, “are there any changing cabins”, etc. The owner of a real estate on the first line by the sea can hardly plan his vacation on the sea: you want to swim here and now is not a problem, it is falling asleep – please, one minute and the vacationer is already at home, etc.

The location of the property on the first line is a decisive characteristic if the landlord decides to rent out his property. It is practically guaranteed that the object will be in demand in the high season, and due to the exclusivity of the location (with an appropriate level of repair), prices can be significantly higher than for options that are more distant from the sea.

Before choosing an object for purchase, it will be useful to talk with local residents and inquire about the main problems that you may encounter. Locals are well aware that life in the immediate vicinity of the water is not as magical as it seems. When the temperature in the street drops to 5-10 degrees Celsius, the room becomes dank, and the air conditioners used in this situation for heating do not help much. It is in the cold season that many recall the generous Russian heating, when at sub-zero temperatures you can be at home in the beach, without forgetting to open the window for ventilation, because it is still hot.

You can forget about this with year-round life on the first line, unless, of course, the owner does not have sufficient funds to pay impressive heating bills. It is logical that under such conditions the occurrence and proliferation of mold and fungus is, with rare exceptions, only a matter of time. Most of those living on the sea coast are the best experts on these issues, since it is very difficult to radically and permanently remove the fungus in the wet (and it cannot be otherwise) sea climate.

Another problem that first-line property owners may encounter in the summer is the lack of comfort – both visual and noise – if the property is not only on the first line, but also near the promenade. For those who want to be at the epicenter of events and the crowd, this may be pleasant, but it is worthwhile to understand that it’s far from always possible to sleep soundly during the siesta or at night. But all the essentials will be nearby and being in the company of a spa company will only be a matter of a few minutes.

Alternative to first-line housing
What are the buyers who know well about these features, but still want to have their own housing with panoramic sea views? As a rule, they buy real estate on an elevated position: quite often this can be observed in Limassol, Cyprus, on the hills in Marbella, Spain, and there are many other places where the relief allows you to build real estate with such characteristics. Typically, from these houses you will have to get to the sea by car within 10-15 minutes, but the accommodation will be as comfortable as possible, since the distance is very small.

Therefore, today real estate on a cliff or in other places, the characteristics of which do not differ much from those, is also the first line, which certainly affects the demand among buyers, due to which pricing is not the most loyal.

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